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EnviroMon is an extremely versatile, expandable data logging and alarm system. It is ideal for real time monitoring of parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure and energy usage over large areas.


At the core of the system is the logger unit which can store up to 15,000 readings for the EL008 or 250,000 samples for the EL005 taken at intervals from one minute to four hours. The EL008 logger automatically displays the reading from each sensor in turn and sounds an internal alarm should a problem arise. The EnviroMon can send detailed or summary reports to a computer for long term storage and graphical analysis. Back-up batteries permit the unit to record data for up to 24 hours (72 hours for the EL005) if the mains power fails. The EL008 uses 4 AA batteries while the EL005 has a built in long life rechargeable battery.

Logger Specifications

Sampling Rate 1 to 240 minutes per sample 1 to 240 minutes per sample
Max Readings 15,000 250,000
Internal Alarm 55dB None
PC Connection Serial Port Serial Port
Power 12 V DC (mains adapter supplied) 12 V DC power module
Backup Battery 4 x AA cells (not supplied) Internal Rechargeable Battery

ENVIROMON for Windows

Each logger is supplied with EnviroMon for Windows software. This is similar to PicoLog for Windows, but is tailored to work with the EnviroMon system. The software is used to configure the system, download data to a computer, store data and provide graphical analysis of data.

Converters and Sensors

Three channel converters and sensors
Each converter provides three input channels in any mix of temperature, light or microswitch. The EL001 is encased in a standard enclosure. The EL017 is encased in an IP65 rated enclosure. It is suitable for harsh environments.



Sensor Range Resolution Accuracy Dimensions
EL015 Temperature -30C to 70C 0.01C 0.1% (0 to 70C) 6mm by 50mm on a 5 meter lead
EL031 Light 0 to 1 0.1% Qualatative 72x45x28mm with a 5 meter lead
EL029 (Door) switch Closed / Open NA NA 72x45x28mm with a 5 meter lead

Temperature Sensor
The EL015 precision sensor accurately measures temperature. It is supplied with a 5m cable


Door Switch Sensor
When connected to the EnviroMon logger the display on the logger reports either open or closed. The door switch module uses a reed switch or and external micro-switch.


Light Sensor
The light sensor gives a qualiative measure of light intensity. It has alogarithmic response making it useful for a wide range of light levels, both visible and infra-red.

Humidity/Temperature Converter & Sensor
The EL026 temperature & humidity converter provides one temperature input channel and one humidity input channel. It is supplied with the EL030 humidity and temperature sensor, calibrated for high accuracy.

Temperature -20 to 70C 0.2C (0-70C) 0.3C(rest of range)
Humidity 0 to 99% non-condensing 2% (0 to 90%)

Signal Conditioners
The EL036 adapter accepts up to two Pico signal conditioner units. This facilitates connection to a wide range of sensors including: pressure, current, humidity and temperature (PT100, thermocouple, precision thermistor).

Voltage/Current Converters
The EL016 provides 8 analog inputs via a D9 connector. It has 10 bit resolution and accepts voltages from 0-2.5V.
The EL037 provides four channels (three channels when used with the EL008) which can be configured as a mix of voltage, 4-20mA and resistance.


Number of channels   Range   Resolution   Accuracy
8 (common ground)   0 to 2.5V   10 bit (2.4mV per LSB)   1%

Converter Selection

Converter Channels Enclosure
EL001 3 mixed 125 x 60 x 20 mm, ABS plastic
EL026 1 temperature + 1 humidity 125 x 60 x 20 mm, ABS plastic
EL016 8 analog inputs 125 x 60 x 20 mm, ABS plastic
EL017 3 mixed 120 x 80 x 20 mm, IP65 rated
EL036 2 conditioner inputs 140 x 190 x 45 mm, ABS plastic
EL037 4 (3) analog inputs 140 x 190 x 45 mm, ABS plastic


EL040 Power Monitor

The EL040 unit offers power monitoring on three channels. Up to three different current sensors may be measured to permit one to analyze power usage. Checkout the Pico Technology website for more information. The EL040 and equipment is a special order item with a nominal under 1 week availability.



EnviroMon Accessories

EL006 Remote Audio Alarm
The remote alarm (65dB) will sound if any sensor goes out of range. Multiple alarms can be connected to the network at any point.

EL011 Alarm Relay
The alarm relay turns on or off an electrical circuit when an alarm occurs. This could, for example, control a warning lamp or siren. The unit can control mains equipment.


EL018 AutoDialer
The autodialer offered by Pico Technology is not designed for use in the United States. However the dialer adapter can be made to work with a variety of autodialers which are commonly available from security alarm stores and companies. The adapter should be compatible with most phone dialers but all features such as the different messages/numbers for different alarm conditions may not be available using another brand.

The EnviroMon logger can be connected directly to a computer. When used in this way it can print to any printer supported by Windows.
The EnviroMon logger can print directly to the PP031 protable tally role printer or to an Epson LX300 printer.

Network cables:
Network cables are used to connect the logger to conveters and also converters to other converters. To extend distances, network cables can be cascaded using network cables and network junction boxes. For distances over 15 meters it is more economical to use a custom cable.
Sensor cables:
Sensors are supplied with 5 meter cables. Sensor extension cables allow this to be increased. For distances over 15 meters it is more economical to use a custom cable.

Applications for EnviroMon

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